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Sacristan Ministry

Head Sacristan: Zan Gormley

The Ministry of Sacristan


Within the church, in a room often near the altar, can be found the sacristy. The sacristy is where the sacred items needed during liturgical celebrations are kept.


The sacristan has a behind the scenes role. Like other Liturgical Ministries the sacristan is called to assist the whole assembly in prayer and worship. This involves making sure that the liturgical celebrations have at its disposal all necessary items for the service and setting these items in place for the liturgy.


This would entail making sure all the sacred vestments are available for the clergy, sacred linens are prepared and the liturgical books have been set and are in place. The sacristan also prepares the sacred vessels and all other items that will be needed at the altar. At the conclusion of the celebration the sacristan will make sure that all items are returned to their proper place.


While the sacristan often works quietly alone behind the scenes they may also have others who assist them.


If you are interested in assisting in the Sacristy please contact Fr. Charles in the parish office.