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What is Cursillo?

The Cursillo Movement is a movement of the Catholic Church which, by its own Method, attempts from within the Church, to give life to the essential Christian truths in the singularity, originality and creativity of the person. In discovering their potential and accepting their limitations, they will direct their freedom with their conviction, reinforce their will with decisiveness and direct their friendship with the virtue of constancy in their day-to-day life, personally and with others.

The Spanish word Cursillo means short course and is often associated with a 3-Day weekend. The proper name is Cursillo de Cristiandad (short course of Christianity). However, there is much more to the Cursillo Movement than just a 3-Day weekend.


The Fourth Day

The “after” activity of the three-day Cursillo weekend is known as the “fourth day”. During this time perseverance is important just as it is in any method of renewal. In the Cursillo Movement the community spirit is continued after the three-day weekend through the “Ultreya” or reunions of the community. These are held as often as weekly as a means of growth in understanding and zeal within the Christian community. Reunions of smaller groups of friends are also held for them to encourage one another in spiritual improvement and the Christian apostolate.

For more information about the Cursillo Ministry here at St. Dorothy Catholic Church, please contact our Parish Office at (626) 914-3941.