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Bulletin - Arianna Malerba

Arianna Malerba is the Bulletin Editor here at St. Dorothy Catholic Church. Along with being the Bulletin Editor, she also help run the Social Media accounts and works at St. Dorothy School as the Second Grade aide. She has been working for the school since January 2017 and as the Bulletin Editor since April 2020. She is blessed to be able to work and grow both in faith and as a person while working here at St. Dorothy. She has learned so much and knows she will continue to grow while working here.

When she is not working, she likes to spend time going on adventures with friends, traveling, spending time with family, drinking coffee, singing and pursuing her photography. She is also working on her degree to become a preschool/elementary school teacher. She loves working with kids and gets so much joy out of spending time, teaching and learning from them. She hopes to become a teacher soon. 

St. Dorothy has been home her entire life. Arianna grew up going to CCD classes here and then went to St. Dorothy School for Middle School. She received her First Communion and Confirmation here and has learned so much from going to church here. Most of her friends go/have gone to St. Dorothy Church and it’s the place that’s like home for all of them. Especially on Sundays when they all get to see each other after their different crazy weeks with their crazy schedules. Arianna loves St.

Dorothy’s and is so grateful to be a part of this community.