Next Generation Parish: Called to Renew Capital Campaign » Goals


St. Dorothy Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles proudly supports the historic Called to Renew campaign, aimed at strengthening parishes, families, and communities through unity and action, with funds dedicated to enhancing parish infrastructure, investing in future generations' faith, supporting priestly vocations, and serving the vulnerable across the entire archdiocese.

Inspired by Santa Dorothea in Rome, our Church is undergoing a transformation led by Harrison Design Group to renew both its physical aesthetics and spiritual significance, fostering a deeper connection with God and emphasizing the centrality of the altar as a symbol of Christ in the Church, all part of our commitment to the Called to Renew campaign.

Our church's exterior renovations aim to increase visibility and prominence in Glendora, featuring a bell tower to enhance visual appeal and signify our Catholic identity, ensuring a positive and unmistakable representation of our faith to the wider community.
Through comprehensive interior renovations including renewing the sacristy, installing larger stained-glass windows, refreshing the ceiling, revitalizing the walls, improving flooring, renewing pews, and adding a St. Dorothy stained glass rose window, we aim to create a spiritually enriching and visually appealing space that fosters reverence, awe, and deeper spiritual connection among our parish community.
Our parish is enhancing community engagement by replacing the temporary tent with a permanent outdoor gathering area and addressing restroom limitations, reflecting a new chapter in our journey toward a stronger, more vibrant community rooted in faith and fellowship.